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Thanks for checking out what Madison has to offer for pre-teens and teenagers (6th-12th grades)! We’re following Christ together with the rest of our church family.

Madison doesn’t have to be your church home in order to be a part of our Youth Group. Everyone is welcome. At Madison you’ll find a family and a place where you can be yourself. You’ll meet people who will care about who you are and love you just as you are. We play hard and we pray hard. Most importantly we keep Jesus at the center of everything we do. Hope to meet you soon!


Discover how we MOVE together in the Youth Ministry at Madison. [ more ]

Middle School Youth Group

In 6th, 7th, or 8th grade? Looking for the something to do on a Wednesday night in GR? Middle School Youth Group is where it’s at. 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Madison Place. Middle schoolers can also join Discipleship Groups (D Groups) to learn more about themselves and God’s love for them.

High School Youth Group

Every teen is welcome! Find out more about what’s goin’ down for folks in 9th to 12th grade at Madison. High School Youth Group meets from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. Sunday nights in the MultiPurpose Room. High schoolers can also join Discipleship Groups [ D Groups ] to learn more about their faith.

Permission Form

19-20 Permission to Participate in Activities at Madison Square Church

Download, print, fill out, and bring to youth group. No slip, no trip.

Serve to Earn

Think Youth Group is doing something cool? Need to earn some bills to get there? This is a program where you can serve in the life of the church to earn funds toward your trip. [ more ]

Stand Up (Profess Your Faith)

As your church family we want to walk you through the basics of what that means to accept Christ and celebrate this first step in your journey with you! We are offering one-on-one mentoring to walk you through understanding what it means to be a Christ follower as you discover your testimony and learn to share it in your own way. You can also be baptized if you haven’t been already! Contact LeMarr Jackson to get started. [Email] Phone: 616.245.7791 x218

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