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Teen Leaders in Training


To empower teenage leaders to become Christ-like, reconciling, servant leaders.

What will this look like?

Students ages 15-18 from Madison Square Church will complete an application process where 4-6 students will be selected as Leaders In Training. Once selected, these students will embark on a 9-month (September – May) journey, developing their leadership skills through service learning, ongoing trainings, discovering spiritual gifts, mentoring, future planning, leadership roles in the church, and accountability to family and school.

Requirements for LITs
  • Must be ages 15 -18
  • Must love God and have a desire to grow closer to Him.
  • Must have a desire to develop leadership skills and to serve as a Christ-like servant leader.
  • Must be open-minded to learn about others.
  • Must be available to work 8-10 hours per week.
  • Must be willing to meet with a mentor twice a month.
  • Must be willing to attend retreats.
Collaboration Effort

Madison’s LITs will join a core group of leaders from other churches/organizations from around the city. We will collaborate with and be overseen by Camp Tall Turf, who administers the city-wide LIT program. They will be responsible for monthly trainings, financial responsibilities (see below) and accountability for each site leader.


Each LIT will receive a stipend (amount to be determined) for their work at Madison. Camp Tall Turf will be responsible to write checks, complete taxes, and handle any other matters that arise from employing students. LITs will not be employees of Madison Square Church.

LIT Expectations


  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Desire to serve God with their whole life.
  • Commitment to spiritual growth through individual and group study.
  • Willingness to be involved actively in church through leadership and attitude.


  • Understand and be serious about their lifestyle, since it tells other people about their commitment to Christ.
  • Commitment to a lifestyle made up of choices that honor God.
  • Willingness to remain teachable and willing to grow in their faith.
  • Willingness to be open-minded and learn about others.


  • Commitment to a particular student leadership ministry area and consistency in that area.
  • Willing to attend Youth Group each week.
  • Volunteer in assigned ministry program based on a gifts assessment.
  • Willing to attend all required trainings and retreats.
  • Willing to meet with an adult mentor on a regular basis.
  • Commitment to Madison’s values, beliefs, mission and vision statements.
  • Commitment to a positive role in our ministry in behavior and attitudes.
  • Commitment to completing all required paperwork and timesheets on time.
  • Commitment to having consistent school attendance with no unexcused absences.
  • Commitment to being on time and calling when late or when sick.


  • Ability to provide transportation to and from work-related times.
  • LITs will be trained in the following areas
  • Peer and youth leading (ex: leading effective meetings/Bible studies, discipline issues, etc.)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Goal setting/future planning Spiritual gifts assessments (possibly go through a weekend Network seminar)
  • Money management/budgeting
  • Mentoring – how to be mentored and how to mentor others
  • Journaling and personal devotions
  • Time management
  • College and career planning (portfolios, journals, resumes, interviewing skills, etc)
  • Community capacity building
LIT Duties
  • Become a Youth Diversity Trainer
  • Attend Sunday Night Youth Group
  • Prepare and maintain a portfolio, journal, resume, and various assignments
  • Visit at least 3 colleges and prepare a future plan
  • Meet with an adult Christian role model/mentor every other week
  • Open an Individual Development Account and attend trainings on financial freedom
  • Act as a Christian role model, peer mediator, and leader
  • Plan meetings, trainings, and fundraising
  • Complete monthly evaluations, grade reports, and have consistent school attendance (no unexcused absences)
  • Ministry work: serve on the Youth Group leadership team and do a spiritual gifts assessment to determine appropriate area for service in the body.
  • Serve on a decision-making committee at Madison Square Church

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Christy Carlin Knetsch at 245-7791 x209 or email

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