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Serve to Earn

Frequently Asked Questions

When: 10 am-2 pm Saturdays

What is it all about? Do you need cash for the youth group activities we do? You can sign up to earn money by doing various service projects, earning $5/hour as credit towards youth group activities. You must sign up to participate.

How do I Sign Up? Call Dontayre Carlisle 419-0735 to sign up by 4 pm the Friday before the project date. You can also email him at

Why do “Serve to Earn”? Here’s some things you might want to “Serve to Earn” for:
• Field Trips Like Ice Skating ($5), Bounce Party ($10), Pando ($20), etc.
• Spring Break College Tour ($350).
• The “Where U At?” Urban Youth Conference ($85)
• Kids Across America camp – June 23-30 ($85)
• Higher Ground 1
• Higher Ground 2
• Higher Ground 3
• Pittsburgh Project

Can I use my serve to earn to pay for my friends? No, Sorry. If your friend needs STE, bring them along!

What do we do each week? It depends on the season and the needs. Sample projects: raking leaves, cleaning around the church, picking up trash, gardening, helping people to move, handing out flyers, writing encouragement notes, etc. Always dress in layers and in old clothes so that you’re prepared no matter what we do.

What if I signed up but I need to cancel? We have to know how many people to plan the projects. You can cancel without penalty until 9 am on Saturday morning. If you sign up and don’t come, you lose $20 from your account.

What if I’m late? If people are coming late, they only get paid for the time they are there. We cannot wait for someone to arrive at church for an offsite project. They will have to find their own transportation there.

Can I get a ride? We cannot guarantee rides at this time, please ask Dontayre if there are rides for that particular day.

How long does the money I earn last? The Serve to Earn season runs from September to August. If you don’t use the money you have accumulated, you lose it August 31st. Everyone’s account resets on September 1.

Can I get cash back for the hours that I serve? No.

How can I find out when “Serve to Earn” happens? At youth group we’ll make announcements about Serve to Earn. You can also check the “Madison Square Church High School Youth Group” Facebook page and your email. You can also call Dontayre Carlisle for details (and to sign up).

What can I do to earn “Serve to Earn” dollars?
• Saturday service or special projects that are set up specifically for serve to earn by Dontayre.
• Working in the office at a time where “Serve to Earn” has established with prior approval from Dontayre.

Can I count other service for “Serve to Earn”?
In order to make it fair for everyone, volunteering in other ministries or school will not be considered “Serve to Earn”. However, if Saturdays don’t work for you, we can try to set up another time for you to volunteer.

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