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Info for Parents

Where we want to be

We seek to meet teens where they are in their spiritual walk and challenge them to grow in a safe, Christ-centered space that bridges the gap between diverse groups of people. All teens, regardless of race, class, or family situations can find a place to connect to the body of Christ at our weekly youth groups that offer fun, fellowship, discipleship, and worship. At each meeting they will learn about God, have fun, and be a part of a community of believers who strive to live authentic lives for Christ.

Why we exist

A transformed teen is one who personally understands the grace of God and has trusted Christ as their Savior. These teens are committed to spiritual growth which is shown through a life-change. Part of their growth is found in commitment to a small group of fellow believers who pursue maturity and community. A committed teenager is learning about and developing their God-given gifts as a servant of Christ. These students are developing a heart to reach out and share the love of Christ with their non-believing friends.

Why do we do what we do?

One of the greatest needs of this generation of middle and high school students is to see others living authentic lives for Christ. This skeptical generation learns best in the context of genuine relationships where they see leaders and other youth struggling, growing and learning about Christ together. In this framework, Jesus becomes real. Teens then begin to understand their part in building God’s kingdom by allowing God to change their lives and the lives of their friends, and to build the church and impact the world.

How we’ll get there

We will strive to make the Kingdom of God a reality for students by establishing authentic relationships and providing relevant experiences that will allow youth to connect the truth of the Bible with their everyday lives, resulting in transformation. We do this through:

Worship: We periodically worship during youth group, welcoming the Holy Spirit and praising God together.

Discipleship: We will offer discipleship during youth group in D Groups where teens will experience the leadership of adults who love God and teach the Bible. [ more ]

Service: Teens will discover their spiritual gifts and participate in service projects & mission trips both in our city and around the country. [ more ]

Reconciliation: In all youth group activities, diversity will be celebrated through music, food, and activities. Teens will build relationships with a diverse group of people while learning about God’s call to be reconciled to one another.

Recreation: Since God is the author of re-creation and recreation, we organize intentional activities that promote fun and group bonding such as paintball, bounce party, basketball, and other games to build community. Recreation will open doors and build bridges between diverse groups of people.

Seven Checkpoints – We use the research of Andy Stanley and Stuart Hall adapted from their book “The Seven Checkpoints- Seven Principles Every Teenager Needs to Know”. These are the seven core principles that every teenager will walk away with if they are involved in Madison’s Youth Ministry from 7th-12th grade. The Seven Checkpoints will drive the content of all that is studied and taught in our youth ministry. [ more ]

Discipline – When it comes to discipline we will be consistent, in one accord, and loving. That is why we give strict guidelines and expectations so that everyone knows what to expect. With the Five Finger Contract each finger stands as a reminder of a behavior that is expected: Safety, Commitment, Respect, Responsibility, and Encouragement. [ more ] If the Five Finger Contract isn’t making it, we allow Three Strikes before a student is asked to leave. This is how we live together at Madison. Ya’ll with it?

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