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Multi-Site Staff News: Madison Square Church has recommitted to being a multisite church to better serve the community of Grand Rapids. With the upcoming retirement of Senior Pastor David Beelen, the church is reorganizing from a senior pastor model to a leadership team model for the 3 current locations of our multisite church.  We are in the midst of adding one new position to our multisite structure.

All-Site Executive Administrator

In June 2019, All Site Council approved adding a new position of All Site Executive Administrator to work alongside pastors and local site administrators to ensure multi-site operational excellence.  Originally, the goal was to fill this position in July 2020, but to provide continuity and aid in transition, Council voted in October to seek applicants for this position sooner than later. Funding for this position will come from the multi-site budget commitment that has been approved by each of the sites. Applications are being sought from a wide range of sources.

The search committee will be led by the All Site Leadership Team and will include a representative from Council and the Madison Anti-Racism Team.  Key roles include:

  • serve as an executive administrator for all matters pertaining to multisite operations e.g. human resources, finance and related matters
  • serve the pastors and the executive leadership team of the multisite church to enable them to focus on Congregational leadership
  • be a member of the executive team ensuring the efficient and effective operation of our multisite church

Job Description


  1. Complete an application with cover letter and resume; email to
  2. Deadline for application is 5 pm on December 16, 2019.
  3. Questions: email


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