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Ordination Recommendations

Dear Congregation,

Ordination is weighty and a strong gift from God to our congregation.  So, the council is recommending to our congregation that we call and ordain Paula Seales and Byron Choyce as un-paid pastors to our community.  Both of them have received significant theological and practical training.  Neither at present have a call to another church.  Both would be called to positions of outreach to our neighborhood, positions that they already fulfill.  The Christian Reformed Church rules for ordination allow for us to call someone to a non-paying job.  This email explains the positions that they would be called to and exactly what this does and does not mean.  Because this is a bit unusual, please read the entire email and ask Pastor Dave any questions you may have. We will vote on Sunday, March 20 in our Sunday morning church service.

Senior Pastor David Beelen and on behalf of our elders

Letter of Agreement regarding ordination
November 7, 2015
Between: The elders of Madison Church and Paula Seales and Byran Choyce
What this ordination DOES entail:

  1. That you are given the honor and title of ‘Pastor’ among us.
  2. That you are eligible to perform all ordination acts: preaching the Word, officiating at funerals and weddings, hosting communion and baptizing, pronouncing the blessing at the close of worship services.
  3. That you are under the authority of the elders as to your life and doctrine.
  4. That you are subject to all the expectations and policy of what it means to be a pastor in the CRC denomination.

What this ordination DOES NOT entail:

  1. We have no paid position for you at this time and although you may apply for any paid position that comes open in our church in the future, this ordination does not give you an advantage in selection for that position.
  2. You do not have more positional or organizational authority when you become ordained.  In other words, you will still be accountable to whoever leads the ministries that you are involved in whether that person who leads it is ordained or not.
  3. Although we now have the advantage of being able to call on you to lead in sacraments and other ordination acts, you will not be given special consideration for preaching slots that come up simply on the basis of your ordination.  We leave it up to our campus pastors to set the preaching schedule at each campus according to their discretion.

Preparation for Ordination Documents (click to access)

Paula Seales

Byran Choyce

Any questions? Email Pastor Dave by clicking here.

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