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Elder & Deacon Nominations

Madison Family,

Each Spring, we request your nominations to fill upcoming Madison Council vacancies. Please consider the following questions and information, and, with a nominee’s approval, submit their name to [contact person TBD].

Who should I nominate?

Scripturally, Deacons and Elders are men and women who are “worthy of respect,” “sincere,” and who “keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience” (I Timothy 3:8-9). At Madison, they must also be members of the church (or willing to become members).

What do Deacons and Elders do?

The shared duties of the Deacons and Elders include upholding Madison’s Mission, Vision, and Shared Values. They work together on Council to make major decisions on the budget and on issues that directly affect the congregation.

Deacons should specifically have a heart for serving people in need and crisis, be gifted in administration and/or service, and be wise stewards of resources. They provide and advocate for Christ-centered care and services for Madison congregants, act as go-betweens for community programs (such as Restorers and the Food Pantry), discuss and make decisions about requests for assistance, and make budget decisions about how resources should be allocated.

Elders should specifically be spiritually wise and mature Christians. As a group, they exhibit gifts of leadership, administration, pastoral care, evangelism, discernment, and prayer. They discern the spiritual direction of Madison Square Church, provide prayerful leadership, maintain accountability for the doctrine and life of the pastors, ensure pastoral care for the congregation, and evaluate the pastors’ performance.

Nomination Process:

The nominating committee will pray over these names and discuss how these individuals’ giftedness can best match the church’s needs. They will then contact those they feel are called to serve and will provide them with more information about the responsibilities of Deacons and Elders so that they might prayerfully consider this service. The committee will then submit the names of the final nominees to the congregation for their approval by vote. New Deacons and Elders will receive training and will start their service in September.

In Christ,
Ben McKnight, Council Chair

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