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100 Days of Summer Devotional

This summer, join the Square Campus as we read two books together:

Who I Am In Christ – Daily Devotional by Len Woods, and/or

The Gift of Being Yourself by David G. Benner

The daily readings in Who I am in Christ are short (2-5 minutes) and insightful!

  • Simple enough to read alone or together as a family
  • Small enough to take with you wherever you go this summer.
  • Long enough to read one per day throughout the summer (Jun 1 – Sept 8).
  • Perfect to use with a friend or small group (3-4 people) desiring to deepen their walk and faith.

The question “Who Am I?” causes confusion for many. Are we defined by our feelings, our roles, how others label us? This devotional takes you through the pages of God’s word to a clearer and deeper understanding of your identity as a follower (disciple) of Christ. We come to know who we are as we come to know who God is. Discover both God and yourself as we explore God’s word — and let’s do it together as a church this summer!


And if you’re desiring to go deeper, or wanting to use a book with a small group, The Gift of Being Yourself is small, has short chapters, and contains discussion questions in the back of the book. The author “gets beneath the crust of ego and past persona and behind image to the truth of you” — and exposes the false selves that we may be hiding behind and calls us to discover the true self that emerges from our uniqueness in Christ.

Both books are available in the Madison Bookstore for $10 each.

Contact Susie Dixon if you have any questions: 616-245-7791 ext.212.


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