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April 22

Report on some things we are currently doing:

  • Some of our Neighborhood Friends are reaching out to Madison neighbors weekly through phone calls and bread delivery on Thursdays (We are grateful to Shirley and Tony Weit who have made this bread available each week).
  • We are also dropping off cards/notes of encouragement to neighbors when possible.
  • We have created an online Microsoft Neighborhood Friends Team so that folks can be updated, share stories, post prayer requests, etc.
  • We hope to create a flyer of available resources to deliver to neighbors. Only about 75 persons have accessed free meals at the Madison Church parking lot site compared with larger numbers at other sites. We figured some folks may not be aware of this service.

Pray for: 

  • Those who are unaware of relief benefits available to them and for minimal processing delays for those applying for unemployment benefits etc.
  • Those who are are struggling with isolation that they can press through the difficulty and find new, good ways to pass the time.
  • that God gives us boldness and words to say to those who need healing, hope and faith in the One who can save and give comfort, Jesus Christ.
  • that as a church we are stirred more so now to demonstrate compassion to our neighbors in creative ways and not withdraw in fear.
  • for non-profits such as Seeds of Promise who are facing hardships.
  • for the guests and MTM, Degage and Guiding Light Ministries who are among the most vulnerable.


  • Consider helping with bread delivery and/ or dropping off flyers on assigned streets while practicing social distancing, Just 30 mins commitment. If interested, contact at
  • Consider joining to stay in touch with your next door neighbors and offer assistance like prayer if possible.
  • Mel Trotter Ministries is in need of volunteers to assist staff with checking in guests  Please assist if you can. Contact: Leonard McElveen, 616-262-1637 or 616-588-8703

April 10

March 28

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