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Discipleship Spotlight

In order to celebrate the discipleship already happening at Madison and to help show that discipleship looks different depending on the people in the relationship, we are going to start sharing Discipleship Spotlight Stories. We hope that these stories inspire you, help give you ideas for different forms of discipleship so you can find what works best for you, and that by sharing these stories, we become more connected to one another and more aware of what God is doing at Madison!

November 4, 2020  |  Contemplative Companion Cohort

CCC Discipleship Story

October 28, 2020  |  Youth Group D Groups

D Groups Discipleship Story

October 14, 2020  |  Patricia Jones and Pastor Paula Seales








Discipleship Spotlight Story: Patricia Jones and Pastor Paula

October 7, 2020  |  Cadets








Discipleship Spotlight: Cadets

September 30, 2020  |  Chris Kortman and Kristi Lewis

Discipleship Story: Chris and Kristi






September 23, 2020  |  Rsykamp, Hogan, Leep, King, and Schroeder Care Group

Discipleship Story: Care Group

September 16, 2020  |  Madison Girls








Discipleship Story: Madison Girls

September 9, 2020  |  Jay & Audrey Laninga

Becoming a Jesus Follower








September 2, 2020  |  Bob and Brenda Schuyler, Gene Holland, and Lori Woodward







Left to right: Gene Holland, Lori Woodward, Bob and Brenda Schuyler.

Bob and Brenda Schuyler are longtime members at Madison and we are so thankful for their leadership and the many people they have discipled through their friendship and prayers. Here are just two examples of some of the people with whom they are in a discipling relationship. Read more here.

August 26, 2020  |  Kenny Henderson and Clarence Davis





Discipleship Spotlight Story: Kenny and Clarence

August 12, 2020  |  Patty Hogan and Cyndi

Discipleship Spotlight Story: Patty Hogan and Cyndi

August 6, 2020  |  Youth Summer Internship Program

Zoom call video

Check out the amazing videos the interns have made about names of God:

God as our Provider  |  God, the Bread of Life  |  God as Our Lamb

We praise God for the work he is doing in and through our youth through this internship, for creative and adaptable leaders, and for the upcoming wedding of LeMarr and Meghan this coming Sunday!

July 29, 2020  |  Ken Schripsema, George Ahiome, Cory Kelly

View Video Here

July 22, 2020  |  Madison Mamas

Madison Mamas Discipleship Story

July 15, 2020  |  Mark Stegink and Mark DeNooyer

Discipleship Spotlight Story

July 8, 2020  |  Nasir Weaver and Timothy Whatley

What are your names and how long have you been in relationship with each other? Nasir Weaver and Timothy Whatley. We have known each other for about 8-10 months.

How did you meet?
We met through Madison Church Youth group and youth events. We met early in the youth events and had a strong connection that began to develop.

What does your discipling relationship look like?
This relationship started through spending time together at Madison Church and its youth group meetings on Sundays. Nasir would also join the Conquerors’ men’s ministry discipleship group, which helped to create deeper conversation about life and living for Jesus. We would have D-groups in youth group which would also allow us to dig into the Bible, talk about Jesus and the word, and pray for one another. Once the coronavirus hit and all in-person events were cancelled, it has looked more like phone calls and Zoom meetings. Nasir and Tim talk over the phone approximately weekly and Zoom meetings for D-groups and conqueror meetings, which help in providing spiritual focus to the relationship.

How has this relationship helped each of you to love and follow Jesus and become more like Jesus in your attitudes and actions?
Our relationship has helped us to learn from one another and to love one another and others better. Tim supported Nasir in going to Where You At youth conference and this was very impactful for Nasir. We both have enjoyed going to Madison together, including Church Service, Youth Group, Conquerors, going out to eat together, and doing fun things like going to play pool (billiards), darts, and playing golf. All of this helps us to develop a closer relationship both with each other and with Jesus. We find opportunities to encourage and build each other up, pray for one another, and love others (for and with Jesus) that we get in touch with as we go about doing these things. Overall, we are together helping one another to follow Jesus and be more like Him, from our different life perspectives and experiences.

July 1, 2020  |  Marquis










Discipleship Spotlight Questions

June 24, 2020  |  Robin Meyer

Discipleship Spotlight Story

June 17, 2020  |  LeMarr Jackson and Pastor Darrell (YouTube Video)

June 3, 2020  |  Alexandria Smith












Discipleship Questions and Answers

May 27, 2020  |  Rodney Cancler, Jr.

Our goal at Madison, is to make disciples who make disciples. Rodney is a great example of this. Let’s praise God together for the people who have poured into him and for the way Rodney is now making disciples as well!

Read the full Story









May 20, 2020  |  Joel Hogan, Pastor Dave Beelen, Trevor Rubingh

Mentoring Peer Discipleship Accountability Questions

May 13, 2020  |  Princess Taylor and Deb Boorst

This week’s Discipleship Spotlight Story is Princess Taylor and Deb Boorst. Princess and Deb are a great example of how discipleship is often mutual and organic. They met in Newcomers Class and ever since they have been helping one another to love and follow Jesus and to become more and more like him in their attitudes and actions.








We pray that you would be encouraged by their story and that you are also able to find this kind of relationship at Madison, whether through being more intentional with someone you already know or through getting involved in a care group or discipling relationship. (Contact Dawn at to get connected.)

Read the full Story

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