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College and Justice Tour

What is the College and Justice Tour?

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Each spring, students in youth group have the opportunity to visit a variety of college

campuses and learn more about how they can do justice in their local community.

For details, please refer to the College & Justice Tour 2019 Application Packet.

Note: Forms will be available at Youth Group, which meets 5-7:30 pm on Sundays. You can also print the application, fill it out, and turn it in at Youth Group or to the Madison Office (1434 Madison Ave. SE, open 9:30-5 weekdays).

How can I help?

Pray for the Group
Pray that our ears are open to the calling God has on our lives as teens lead one another in devotional times. We hope to hear God’s voice through the students and college officials we will encounter and justice sites that we visit. Pray that our hearts are open to support one another. Pray that our eyes are open to see the injustice in the world as we visit justice sites and learn more about the stories of immigrants and the struggle for immigration reform. Pray that we never travel faster than our angels fly!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated at the Lorraine Hotel

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated at the Lorraine Hotel

Challenges teens may encounter
Teens will be challenged to step up to pursue academic excellence – may this be an opportunity to make decisions to work even harder in school.
For some teens & leaders, we are leaving behind family struggles that will weigh heavily on them as we experience the college tour. We are asking God to take care of our families as we journey far from home. For others, this is their first time leaving home.

Training they will receive on the journey
Teens will be learning in detail about the college admissions process and what they need to be doing now to be prepared to enter the world of higher education. Each teen will be required to complete a college preparation book that they will be able to use beyond the college tour as they consider their options for the future. Lastly, they will have an opportunity to learn from professors and college students on the issue of immigration.


If you would like to donate directly, feel free to do so here. Be sure to specify in the Special Offering section – “Youth: College and Justice Tour”.

We will also host several fundraisers, including a coupon book & flower sale, and pancake breakfast. Keep an eye on the church facebook page and bulletin for details.


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