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5 Finger Contract

Every teenager involved in Youth Group at Madison will learn and agree to the Five Finger Contract at all of our events, meetings, and activities. We agree to live by this contract in order to create a safe environment where the standards are clear so that we can live, learn, and play together in the most hype environment possible.

Pinky РIt stands for Safety (both physical and emotional)

Physical Safety – we don’t hit, punch, bite, kick, etc.
Emotional Safety – No put downs, blazin’, yo’ mama jokes, or derogatory comments, etc.

Ring Finger – It stands for Commitment

We will stay committed to be here now. While we are in this group we will give our best to all of the activities and discussions. It’s okay if you don’t like everything. The truth is that you probably won’t. However, a part of being committed is hanging in there even when you’re not having fun.

Middle Finger – Always Goes Up With a Buddy – It stands for Respect

While a person is involved in a Madison activity, we are asking them to respect God, the property, one another, and themselves. If you were to put your middle finger up at someone, would that be an example of respect? No way! That’s why this always has another finger put up right along side it. We can’t control how people are treated outside of the group, but while we are here, we will not put each other down or jack up the property. We will be respectful to our leaders, build each other up, and have fun!

Pointer Finger – It stands for Personal Responsibility

While we are together we are going to take responsibility for our actions. We will not call each other out for the stuff we’ve done wrong; however, we will look for ways that we can help someone out who is struggling with something. If we aren’t willing or able to help out someone who is struggling, we will say nothing at all.

Thumb – It stands for Encouragement

We will encourage one another. When we do this, the other four fingers happen automatically.

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