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Reaching ACROSS

Reaching Across: Reconciling under Christ for multicultural living & leading.

Pursuing racial reconciliation with justice in our personal relationships and congregational ministry structures.

Multiplying multicultural leaders for diverse leadership needs with Madison and related ministries locally and globally.

In the Reaching ACROSS part of fulfilling our Mission we begin “Reconciling” with one another. Madison believers seek to be developed as multi-culturally competent servant leaders who are called to ministry under Christ’s Lordship. Biblical workers are engaged in developing skills to actively fulfill his/her calling in God’s multicultural kingdom. They begin to find their place in the family. They want to be used by God. They begin to become “other focused”. They begin to recognize that they have spiritual gifts to contribute to the body. They enter a phase of being equipped for service to one another in a cross-cultural context. Our primary ministry for this stage is a Leadership Development Academy that will help fully equip us to live and lead in a multicultural context.

Ministry Information

Multicultural Celebrations

As a diverse body, we celebrate the different cultures residing right here at Madison! We taste each other’s food, learn about each other’s heritage, and do it all around a great meal together. To help with set-up and take down or food preparation, contact Brenda Fowler-Becker at 616.490.2272 or and/or Colleen Cox at 616-490-3588 or

2016 Dutch Heritage

Above: A picture from our Dutch Heritage meal.

12:45 pm Sundays, Madison Place

  • September 13  Latino/a Heritage
  • October 18  Nigerian Independence and Heritage
  • December 6  Madison Family Christmas Dinner (bring your favorite Christmas dish to share)

New Community Living Conversations – Monthly Book Group / Movie Night

New Community Living Conversations are back!  Just in case you are new, New Community Living Conversations is a safe place to talk about race.  The conversations will happen monthly using two different formats, book discussion and movie discussion.  Our March meeting will include watching a movie together, followed by discussion.

You are invited to join New Community Living Conversations on Monday, September 19 from 6-9 p.m.   We will meet at Madison Place and enjoy dinner and discussion.  Jevon Willis will lead our continuing discussion on Todd Robinson’s A City Within A City: The Black Freedom Struggle in Grand Rapids, MI.  The book illuminates some very important history of race relations in Grand Rapids that is likely not well known, unless of course you lived through it.  This meeting will focus on unpacking the text in several ways.  We will watch several segments of video of Todd Robinson, from his Grand Rapids visit a few months ago, to hear directly from the author concerning the history of Grand Rapids, understanding managerial racism and how we can continue to dismantle racism capturing youth voice considerations. 

Then join us the following month on Monday, October 17 from 6-9 p.m. as we examine the issue of gentrification in our city by watching a segment of “Mutually Exclusive” a WGVU produced program, featuring local city and business officials examining the realities and practices connected with GR.  To preview the clip you can access the video here: 

Books are available for purchase in the Soul Food Pantry.  So that we can make sure we have enough food for everyone, please RSVP to Laura Pritchard in the office at 616.245.7791 x205 or Come join us for some great discussion!

Multicultural Living Institute

Watch for more information!

Mission Statement:  To offer structurally organized learning opportunities, designed to create sustainable pathways for personal growth and leadership development as diverse peoples in a multicultural church.


16.07.06 Workshop

2½ Day Understanding Racism Workshop – Sponsored by CORR

CORR, Congregations Organizing for Racial Reconciliation, composed of the Anti-Racism Teams of Madison Square, Coit Community and Church of the Servant, invite you to attend an anti-racism workshop. The 2.5-day experience is designed to present an analysis of racism that organizations will apply as they work to dismantle racism within their institutional structure.

This workshop gives us an analysis for understanding racism; important takeaways include:

  • The historical development of racism in the U.S.
  • The manifestations of racism – institutional, individual and cultural.
  • The destructive effect of racism on all of us.
  • The call to join the work of organizing to dismantle institutional racism.

Workshop Dates:       October 22-24

Cost: The Madison rate is $75. Financial aid is available.

For more information or to register go to:

Questions?  Contact Kris at

Partners for a Racism-Free Community

Madison Square Church has been designated a Level I Partner of Partners for a Racism-Free Community.  Organizations that have gone through a process of self-evaluation and assessment and have successfully met the criteria to be considered actively working to create a racism-free organization are awarded a Level I Partner or Level II Partner designation. For more information see:

If you have questions about any of these ministries, contact Laura Pritchard, Director of Multicultural Living.
Office: 616.245.7791 ext. 205

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