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Antioch Worship Leadership Podcast

What is the Antioch Worship Leadership Podcast

In this inaugural episode, the team members share a little about their worship backgrounds and how they found their way to leading worship at Madison Church, the host church for the Antioch Worship Leadership Podcast. Later in the episode, the team explains the goal of this podcast: to strengthen the church through recording honest conversations about leading worship in multi-ethnic congregations with humility, authenticity, and respect. They discuss the importance of being able to comfortably talk about race, culture, and mistakes within the church; using these foundational conversations as starting points for churches to develop as flourishing, multi-ethnic communities mirroring Christ.

Episode 1 (Intro) – “Who Are These People?

Episode 2 – “Entering Into Another Church’s Tradition

Episode 3 – “Hospitality in Worship & Introducing Sandra Maria Van Opstal

Antioch podcast logoEpisode 4 – “Sandra Maria VanOpstal

Episode 5 – “John Lee, PhD – 1 of 2

Episode 6 – “John Lee, PhD – 2 of 2

Episode 7 – “Leading a Congregation During Divisive Times

Episode 8 – “Pastor Dave Beelen

Episode 9 – “Scott and Linda


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